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Our Sprout

Dr Tunji Olugbodi, frpa

Executive Vice Chairman

Tunji Olugbodi, fondly called TJ is the Executive Vice Chairman of Verdant Zeal Group, one of Africa's largest marketing communications group. No marketing or business problem is daunting enough for this marketing communications and brand management seasoned professional.

With prior management positions in several world-class agencies, knowledge acquirement across the metropolitan world, and a combination of his wealth of experience and vision, TJ is a major force behind the continuing success story of Verdant Zeal.

How Market?


Our Tree

Dipo Adesida

Chief Operating Officer

If Content is King, then Dipo is the Kingmaker. This Kingmaker combines creativity and his astute knowledge of the marketplace and its audience to provide innovative solutions to any marketing challenge which consequently becomes highly profitable for any ambitious brand.


Nkiru Oguadinma

Group Director, Marketing & Business Development

Nkiru knows it takes two to tango and as such blends marketing with strategy to create one seamless dance – an experience that transforms disruptive ideas into sustainable value for clients across the corporate spectrum.


Kola Omisore

Creative Director

Kola is a visual communicator and an award winning creative thinker/director with an unquenchable thirst for top notch creativity that works. He develops not just tasty creatives that halt traffic but also effective ones that attract the audience and meet the brands’ objectives. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?


Ebere Bieni

Group Director, Production Services & CEO I-PRO

To Ebere, the combination of art and business is the true science of advertising. His forte is art and business direction and when your brand needs that extra savvy, he will put his vast knowledge to your advantage, giving you not just the best but the best that stands out.


Abimbola Ogunleye

Head, HR/Admin

An expert that can dissolve any form of conflict and can also hire the perfect man for the job, please don’t assume its James Bond because our Bimbo can do better…with her vast experience in Human resource management, she’s always eager to employ the necessary technique that will give our organization an edge.


Cornelius Onuoha

Managing Director, Redgecko

Is your business challenge perception related? Do you require someone that can make black appear colorful? Cornel is his name and PR & Strategic Communications is his game with his special ability to turn every happenstance to good publicity for your brand.


Charles Ampofo

Managing Director, Verdant Zeal Ghana

Charles is a marketing and communications professional with a passion for strategy, creativity, operational optimization and business creation. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the theory and practice of marketing, marketing communications, media planning and buying, fundraising and brand strategy.


Seun Sanni

Managing Director, Verdant Zeal Gambia

Seun is the ultimate triple threat. With his adept creativity, smooth business savvy and marketing expertise he’s top notch in his game of marketing communications. He’s your go to guy for those bottle neck business problems that need immediate innovative solutions.


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3 Aderoju Adewuyi Street, Off Alfred Olaiya Street, Awuse Estate, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
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